Monday, May 05, 2008

Ho'oponopono: The Three Selves of the Kahuna

Ho'oponopono Basics

The essence of using Ho'oponopono for yourself comes from healing the relations between your three selves.

Morrnah Simeona taught the Huna concept that the human being is made up of three levels of consciousness, known as selves or minds.

The Kahuna called the conscious mind the "uhane," or middle self. The "middle self" is that part of you that is conscious of its own existence and has the ability to reason. It also has the free will to create as it pleases, along with the inner self, or "low self."

The subconscious mind is called the "unihipili" or low self. It is the part of you that is unconscious. It is the storehouse of all memory and the seat of the emotions. Its is the "inner child" of pop psychology and the New Age movement. with only simplistic, deductive reasoning.

The term "low" has no reference to rank or importance, only to the fact that it is below the level of consciousness of the middle self and to the fact that its bodily center is in the solar plexus rather than in the head.

The third part is the High Self, called the "Aumakua" by the Kahuna.

The high self is your "utterly trust-worthy parental spirit."

This higher part of you lives at a higher plane of consciousness, outside the physical body. It will not intervene in the affairs of life unless asked to do so.

This is understood to be a cosmic law your High Self must adhere to.

The high self can see into the "crystallized future" and creates your future "automatically" from your day-to-day thoughts.

As your thoughts change throughout your daily life, so your future likewise change.

Huna also teaches that communication with your High Self occurs quite naturally during sleep. It is in that contact that most of the thoughts-of-the-day are used by the High Self to materialize conditions in your future.

Huna teachings say that each of the three selves is equally important, and has its proper role to perform in the life of the individual. Your health, and happiness depend on the integration, blending, and harmonizing of your three selves.

Huna teaches that your High Self expresses ALL the Divine qualities ... compassion ... patience ... Love ... and forgiveness.

This is the IDEAL to which you, the middle self, are to aspire.


© 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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