Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brainwashed Girl needs deprogramming!!!!

Aloha y'all!

--- Teresa wrote:
> Brainwashed Girl needs deprogramming!!!!
> Aloha,
> I'm a peace and love kinda girl so I won't say
> anything negative but thank God for Rev. Vince- I
> knew there was something more to ho'oponopono than
> what Zero Limits was teaching.

A lot more!

> I received the Advanced Self I-Dentity Ho'o and in
> Zero Limits, Dr. Len insists that you clean
> incessantly.

I'm sorry ... that's part of the negative programming Morrnah entrusted my family to protect against!

> I wonder if that is the case with the Advanced
> Ho'oponopono techniques.

Notice the techniques for finding the "real issue."

... because the more specific you make your
"diagnosis," the more powerful the "cure."

Think about it.

If you had an infection and they gave you general antibiotics, it would kill-off the infection along
with every other "biotic" in your system ... even the ones you need to properly digest.

But ...

... if they can determine the exact strain of the infection, there are new targeted antibiotics that
will "kill-off" your infection only ... leaving the beneficial bacteria to thrive and heal you faster!

The "Zero Limits" technique is like using a general antibiotic!

When you "pay attention" to all the learnings you're getting from the Advanced Ho'oponopono DVDs ... consciously and unconsciously ... at the end by applying everything you've learned and the prayer techniques written out for you in the manual ... THEN you only need to do it ONCE.

Pay attention to the EXACT wording I'm using when talking to your unconscious mind and getting to the "root issue" which when address will cause the problem to disappear as an issue for you.

Especially if you "don't understand" consciously why the wording is so important and must be used exactly that way because it is giving instructions to your unconscious mind on how to fix yourself.

It becomes automatic.

And I'm all about getting the results!

... and you get them when you follow the instructions in the Advanced Ho'oponopono Manual.

> Is it okay to do it everyday?

It's OK.

... and as you're progressing ... you will naturally discover "how to know when you need to do what" for yourself.

It's done "automatically" and unconsciously as long as you do your part as "uhane."

> I really feel out of balance (i.e. confusion) and
> would like to do Mornah's method everyday.

You've probably already learned why some "confusion" is generated to promote the mastery process ... remember the Five Stages of Competence?

> Would it be okay?

As you are evolving spiritually, do it daily.

Thanks Teresa ... keep studying!


© 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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