Monday, February 11, 2008

Ho-oponopono Cleaning

Are your embarassed?

I was.

Yes ... we all do it.

... I forgot to do my "cleaning!"

I ordered my custom Knights Templar ring over a month ago ... and then last week I called to check up on it.

They forgot to put the order in!

So ...

... they eventually called me back ... offering a ring with similar, but slightly different symbols ... they could get it here in a week ... and they'd knock $200 off "for my trouble."

It arrived yesterday.

I looked at it and I could "feel" something was wrong.

So I energy tested it.

... a jeweler confirmed.

They tried to pass-off a 10k as a 14k gold ring!

The $200 was the difference in the gold value.

"Give me a full refund"

OK ... I was "pissed."

... so I went around "fuming" for hours until I realized ....

... it was all my fault!


THAT is the important thing to remember.

"You are 100% responsible."

So I did Ho'oponopono.

... AND THEN ...

The District Manger called today ... with a VERY acceptable offer.


Always remember!