Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hooponopono Questions

--- On Sat, 1/30/10, Amanda wrote:

> Dear Rev. Wingo,
> I am very interested in taking your email course, because I know
> that miracles are not only possible; they are not really miracles
> because everyone can learn use this power to affect change in their
> lives.

Aloha Amanda,

You're absolutely right ... "creating miracles" is surprisingly simple!

... maybe it's not always easy-to-do ... especially if you're like a lot of people on-line who thought you'd be "going-it-alone."

You're NOT alone ...

... these days you have a world-wide "sacred Hawaiian family" available to you on-line ... teaching anybody who honestly wants to learn HOW you can easily apply these ancient principles to modern living.

We've been doing it for 65 years now!

Learn more: http://hunaohana.com

> However, I spent $425 taking the Ho'oponopono weekend seminar (November
> 21 & 22) with Stan Hew Len, only to find out that if I wanted to have
> a specific question about the technique answered once the class was
> over, I would need to consult with a "Ho'oponopono master" for $300.


It wasn't that way when Morrnah was alive!

Her heart was pure.

Everything changed a couple years ago.

While she was learning Huna from Dad, they re-vamped the family process of "causing perfection" into an individual process by keeping the essence of the Ancient Huna Wisdom intact.

Huna and the new, updated Ho'oponopono process really can make you a miracle worker.

... and some people find that power "intoxicating." Some people only care about how much money they can make off people in need.

Morrnah taught me differently!

After returning to the mainland in 1980, and then starting a family here in the 90's, even I would charge for my services ... especially when I was working ... but payment is NEVER required.

Now ...

... you DO need some kind of energy exchange for any spirit medicine to work, but there's NO REASON reason they should make you pay-through-the-nose just to get your questions answered when you can get the answer FREE on the Ho'oponopono Group.

The "energy exchange" occurs naturally through chatting with people all-over-the-world, and you get instant-access to several Certified Practitioners "around-the-clock."

Keep studying!


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