Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ho'oponopono: Forgiving Our Self

Forgiving Our Self
Awakening Through The Power of Huna
by Belinda Farrell

Why We Must Forgive Our Self:

Unforgiveness is the greatest toxin we have stored in the body. The body knows how to be whole. Our negative thoughts "gum up" the neuro-pathways and create dis-ease or dis-harmony among the cells. The negative emotion of "anger" releases a chemical that bruises the heart muscle. "Inappropriate fear" compromises our immune system and lowers our healing energy. Every negative thought you have about yourself or others creates a cord or thread (called "aka" in Hawaiian) that wraps around you, blocking you from Light and keeping you in darkness. The Egyptians understood this concept and diagrammed these cords in their hieroglyphics. The Bible references these cords as "sacred strings" or "webs." Just imagine how many cords you may have accumulated in your lifetime, simply because modern-day society doesn’t even acknowledge their existence.

If no one had taught you how to brush your teeth, can you imagine how much food and decay would have built up in your mouth over the years?

Similarly, the ancient Hawaiians would not let the negative thoughts accumulate in the body. They practiced a cord-cutting process each day to forgive themselves and others, and restore the body to harmony. They shared a common, lifelong purpose—to connect with higher levels of Creation.

How We Can Forgive Our Self:
(from side 2 of the tape Chant and Forgiveness…A Huna Odyssey)

Close your eyes. Visualize and mentally create a stage below you. You might choose to be outside on a platform, in a tree, or on a hillside looking diagonally down on the stage. Take some time to picture this. You could choose to be in a projection booth of a theater looking down upon a stage. The setting doesn’t matter. It is only important that you feel comfortable creating this picture.

Invite people onto the stage that you want to make amends with, starting with your mother and father. If they have already passed over, invite them to come back and be on the stage. Remember, this is the concept you carry of your mother and father inside yourself. Ask them this question…"Do you support me today in my magnificent connection with Higher Self?" If you get a distinct "yes" answer, it means there is no doubting dialogue. Give them a hug and let them go. If there is doubt or discord within you, keep them on the stage. You may notice cords that have formed from your umbilicus to the people on the stage. The cords represent our negative perceptions and illusions about them that were formed in the past, when we did not have the tools, resources or wisdom that we have today.

Next, ask your "ancestors" to come onto the stage. You may not even know these people, but you are carrying their DNA from all the negative emotions that preceded you. Your decision to stop these patterns is enough. Again, ask yourself the question…"Do you support me today in my magnificent connection with Higher Self?" If you get a "yes" answer, then give them a hug and let them go. If not, keep them on the stage.

To this group you will add your grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, step-parents, step-children, and anyone who was considered "family." Ask them the question…

"Do you support me today in my magnificent connection with Higher Self." If you get a "yes" answer, give them a hug and let them go. If not, then keep them on stage.

In the next group are your "ex’s:" ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-in-law’s…Follow through with the same question.

Authority figures comprise the next group: Teachers, mentors from the past or present, then friends (old friends and new ones), your present love relationship, if there is one, clients from your work place with whom you feel some disharmony, anyone who has "passed over" with whom you wish to make amends, or anyone else you can think of who needs to be there. Ask the question: "Do you support me today in my magnificent connection with Higher Self?"

Another group are "unborn spirits." If you have ever been through an abortion or miscarriage, you may put that spirit on the stage as well. Ask the same question…

Then put your own self image on the stage. This is the person you perceive yourself to be, with all your obsessions and misconceptions about yourself. Anything you have said or felt in a negative way about yourself has wrapped a cord around you, almost like the inside of a golf ball. This is only the person you have invested your electromagnetic energy into. The real you is on the platform above the stage. Ask your self image if you have been paid back in dividends based on that investment. You might see yourself down on the stage with cords that represent: "I’m not loved", "I’m not worthy," "I’m too fat," "I’m not smart enough," etc…..You get to look down at what you have created from your unconscious choices. Now it is time to call your Spirit back.

Using your inner vision look deep inside your Unconscious Mind and Spiritual Body to see if there are any dark or gray areas that have not moved. This is NOT your Unconscious Mind. It is dense energy that has superimposed itself over your unconscious mind, when you were in a weaker state or were in conflict. If you ever used drugs, alcohol or nicotine excessively in the past, or went through a significant emotional experience that was not resolved such as rape or incest, then the body weakens, allowing "lower level" energies to be attracted into the body. Envision these "dark forms" on the stage as well. In the tape, I talk to these energies in Hawaiian, and your Conscious Mind will not understand But your unconscious mind will understand. It is inappropriate and unnecessary for these energies to stay here any longer. They have misunderstood their purpose for being here. All of our parts want to evolve to a higher level. They are only stuck here until they get a guide to take them to the Light. During the tape you will be guided, through the chants, to send these darker energies to the Light where they will evolve to a Higher form. To allow them to remain here only delays your own evolution and their ascendance to a higher level.


Take a deep breath and imagine an infinite source of Light, Love, and Healing coming down from the top of your head, emanating through your mind and heart. Sending it down to ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE STAGE…EVEN THE DARK FORMS, until they are completely surrounded with this Light. This is the Light that comes from your Higher Self down to their Higher Selves. Remember, everyone has a Higher Self.

Now prepare to have a conversation with them. It can be as simple as, "I forgive you." Feel yourself forgiving them. And hear back from them, "I forgive you." Ask your Higher Self to do this for you…ASK and you shall receive. It can be done very quickly. And as you do so, visualize yourself taking a cutting instrument of your choice, a knife, scissors, chain saw and cut the cords counter clockwise, spinning the cutting instrument around you so the blade cuts all the cords around you connecting you to the people on the stage. Then watch all the people simply float away.

Tuck the left-over cords back inside yourself, for you need all your own energy to heal your body. You are freeing yourself from your agenda with these people so that you can both grow and evolve on your own. When you cut the cords, all that is left is DIVINE LOVE. You can never cut the cord of LOVE, because LOVE is all there is in this world. Everything else is just a perception or an illusion.

If a person does not release from you or stays upon the stage, there is something within you that you are not forgiving. If you want to raise your vibrations and move forward, then again ask the Higher Self to send down the Infinite Source of Light and Healing to this person. Offer your true forgiveness…the person you are forgiving is yourself. Take a cutting instrument and cut the cords. When you meet with this person or any of the others, you’ll be able to deal with whatever issues you have between you from a higher perspective.

It is recommended that you cut cords every day to call your Spirit back and return to present time.

You are a Being of Light and you DO deserve forgiveness. Call your Spirit back! As a Being of Light, you are a channel for the Light. You have a mission in this lifetime to return to that Love inside of you…You deserve to receive Divine Love. This is your natural state.


Belinda Farrell

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ho'oponopono Release

Releasing Aka Cords
by Vilik

A while back, during a list discussion of cutting aka cords, I said I was experimenting with a different method of releasing cords that I was "making up".

Vince suggested I give it a try and report back. I am, report in hand!

I get such benefit from working with this aka cord release. It has evolved and I'm sure will keep evolving, but I feel confident enough of it now to share it.

First of all, in case anyone is new to this, aka cords are threads, filaments or cords of our own energy, which we automatically send out and "attach" to
everything. But those attachments can drain us. So the recommendation is to cut them. But I didn't like the idea of cutting a part of myself. Following are the steps of a release which, in the main, doesn't use cutting.

Aka Cord Release

1. I see the person sitting across a small field from me.

2. I surround myself with white light, to cleanse the energy as it flows back to me.

3. I imagine drawing my own aka cords back into my body, through the white light.

4. I imagine releasing the other person's cords from me, and see them snap back to the person like a retractable pet leash.

5. I go back and forth between 3 and 4 until it "feels right."

6. I take an imaginary sword and swish it all around myself, cutting any threads that are remaining.

7. I imagine a supple shining golden line, a little bigger than a thread but smaller than a cord, going from my heart to the heart of the other person. I
say and feel, "I love, thank and respect you." If I feel this line really connect, I know the other work "took".

8. I imagine that same energy coming back from the highest self of the other person.

9. I imagine us bowing to each other.

10. I release the person, often seeing them go up in a balloon into the light.

Several things happen in this release for me, besides separating energy.

One is that I "take back my power". Another is that I see what's been going on in the relationship or connection. And that's pretty fascinating. Often
the connection is not what I thought it would be, and the way the release happens isn't either.

I've played around with this, going back to release ex's, etc. I find the most energy in current situations. And I find that my relationship to each person changes as I do the release with them, sometimes doing it more than once.

It can take isn't always or even often a quickie. For me, the sensations as I release are very pleasant. I often do it lying in bed, and I can feel
my body relax deeply as the release "takes."

I thought I'd give a couple examples of releases I just did.

The first was with a friend who sent me an email with a "zinger" in it. My feelings were hurt, and none of the options of response I could think of felt right.
So I went through the release steps, and I was surprised to see that my own aka cord connect was huge I couldn't seem to pull it back.

I pictured angels, faeries, "helpers", helping me get the energy back and then binding a shining "bandage" around my solar plexus, to keep it in my body until it integrated into my energy system again.

After the release, I was able to respond to her email in a different way than I could even have imagined before the release.

Another release was with a co-worker, who's been going through a hard time and "complaining" a lot. At first I imagined how I could positively deal with her energy...and then I realized I was trying to find a way to deal with the problem, rather than just getting rid of the problem.

So I did the cord release; then I remembered times she had been in a more positive mood and held that image strongly in my mind, until that became the way I "saw" her again. When our paths next crossed at work, she was in a light good mood, just as I had pictured her.

The more I do this, the more I CAN do this. Which is to say, if you feel awkward, or that you can't really "see" anything, it's just a learning curve. Keep at
it. Use your imagination. Let "variations on the theme" evolve that are personal and right for you.

I hope you find this useful!



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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"WELCOME" ... Introducing your New Ho'oponopono Blog



... and welcome to Ho-oponopono!

This new web page is dedicated to Ho'oponopono ... restoring "balance" to your life!

This is simply a "starter page" right now ... but it is something we can "build on!"

We'll be covering every aspect of Ho'oponopono ...

  • How to know "when you need it!"
  • the "pop" Sacred History ... and the "secret history."
  • the Traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Ceremony.
  • Modern techniques for restoring your "personal equilibrium" & get you living life in peaceful bliss!
  • The many "schools" of Ho'oponopono.

.. and your suggestions are strongly encouraged.

So ...

... I "got the ball rolling" by posting the "quick process" given to my 'Ohana 26 year ago by Morrnah N. Simeona after a lifetime of practice and fine-tuning.

This is also the ceremony she taught to and performed at The United Nations many times.



© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

The Huna Blog

PS - Be looking for reports on Doc's latest discovery ...

... the totally NEW system of "covert Ho'oponopono" ... for the first time
combining Huna, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology that ... like "jealous rage" and anger ... "instantly!"

Ho'oponopono ... "Restoring the Balance"

Statement of Release
Morrnah N. Simeona*

DIVINE CREATOR: Father, Mother, Son as ONE:

If I (we), ____________________, my (our) families, relative, and ancestors have offended you, __________________, your families, relatives and ancestors, in thoughts, words and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present,

Humbly, humbly I (we) ask you (all) for forgiveness for all my (our) errors, resentments, guilts, hatred, hurts, trauma or pain, offenses, blocks, etc., which I (we) have created and accumulated from the beginning to the present. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

(Response) YES, _________________, I (WE) FORGIVE YOU!

LET THIS WATER CLEANSE, PURIFY AND RELEASE ME (US), offender and offended FROM SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, MATERIAL, FINANCIAL, AND KARMIC BONDAGE. (Note: The use of actual water is not necessary. A symbolic sprinkling gesture made with the hand will be sufficient to suggest water.)

Pull out from our Memory Bank or Computer ALL THE UNWANTED, NEGATIVE MEMORIES AND BLOCKS that attach, knot, tie, and bind us together.

SEVER, DETACH, UNTIE, AND RELEASE these unwanted memories and blocks.

Transmute These Unwanted Energies to “Pure Light”!

Fill the spaces these energies occupied with Divine Light.

Let “Divine Order,” Light, Love, Peace, Balance, Understanding, Joy, Wisdom and Abundance be made manifest for us through the Divine Power of the Divine Father, Creator of all life, Mother, Son as ONE, in whom we abide, rest, and have our being... NOW AND FOREVER MORE. AMEN.

Copyright © 1980 Huna Research, Inc.

* Morrnah N. Simeona presented the Ho‘oponopono process for the first time at our Huna World Convention in Ponolu‘u, Hawaii in August, 1980.

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