Friday, December 25, 2009

Re: Hooponopono for creating a great financial future.

--- On Wed, 12/23/09, Kathie Sylvia wrote:

> Vince,
> The purpose of learning as much about Ho'oponopono is so I can
> create a great financial future.

Aloha Kathie,


So it's important to apply the skills you've developed through Ho'oponopono to your future.

... because Hooponopono deals mostly with the past ... and up-to the present.

> Right now, the prosperity just isn't there.

So where IS it?

> I've done my clearing of the block on prosperity and the block is
> still there.

What was the block?

> If I had the funds to purchase this, IT would have been done asap.


... it's not quite what you're looking for.

So lets get working on what's more important for you.

Now ...

... you've been working daily on Hooponopono, going back over childhood memories, you've asked the Divine to release your blocks to, and there's still no release.

You've worked on forgiveness to yourself and others daily ... probably worked on releasing blocks you didn't even know exist ...

... and you haven't seen any difference in your life.

You might even be feeling worse.

Sounds like you're practicing "Zero Limits."

Am I right?

Well ...

... you're not alone!

Even though there's nothing wrong with mass-marketing a product, there were a couple of problems with "Zero Limits."

First ... people who got very excited over the story about the ward of criminally insane people and started searching for more information soon discovered it wasn't true.

There is no independent proof, and that's why no credible journalist ever covered the "story."

But the article spread across the Internet like wild-fire ... and it's still popular today.


... probably because so many people today want to believe in miracles ... and the simple concept underlying that article was positive.

Simply put, it was that "Loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, your improve your world."

That is so true,... and that part of the message resonates with everybody.

But, then the book got out.

It was purported to "reveal" the true cause of everything that happens to you and how to clean-out the negativity so you can re-connect with the Divine.

The book gives some mention of those two things, but it goes way off track ... into pushing a potentially harmful compulsiveness.

... and the cult-like following that erupted got pretty scary.

Here's one problem ...

... the only "solution" offered is to " just keep working on blocks."

Simple is good, and over-simplification can be damaging.

It's like the old saying ... "When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

And the only "tool" given is to "just clean."

That's it.

So, instead of developing a working relationship with your divinity within, you're told to "just clean."

Instead of "complete freedom from the past," you're told to "just clean" ... in-other-words, to keep focusing on the past.

And you're told to choose, in each moment, to ask that your "errors" in thought, word, or deed are to be cleaned.

The fundamental belief is that everything you do is wrong ... everything you think is wrong ...

... in fact, even thinking at all is condemned!

Makes you think, huh?

Now ...

... the Authentic Self I-Dentity Hooponopono is entirely different and much better than that.

Self I-Dentity through Hooponopono is the updated Hawaiian problem solving process to release memories that are experienced as problems that was developed by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona with my father.

Go back ...

... study Morrnah's Hooponopono Manual.

You're going to get a very different perspective from the scientological one because Morrnah's approach was about achieving balance and new meaning in life.


When you've done that, you can really take 100% responsibility so you can become a better and happier you!

You choose!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Negative Programming

--- On Sun, 11/22/09, Violet Mortensen wrote:

> I understand that constantly repeating the "four phrases"
> produces negative programming in your unconscious mind. Can you
> explain negative programming please.


... this has been a growing threat since Joe Vitale got that urban legend started.

So, it's very important to understand the way the unihipili (your unconscious mind) works.

The unipilili takes everything it hears personally and literally.

... and repetition builds powerful associations.

So using the "four phrases" popularized recently, where the poor followers are constantly saying "I'm sorry."

... well, you're unihipili gets what that can really mean.

You see ...

... when you keep repeating "I'm sorry" ... your unconscious mind understands the complete and literal meaning of the word.

And THAT depends on everything the word means ... and, more importantly, it depends on how your unconscious mind ... unihipili ... understands the word.

You're very intelligent ... but remember your unihipili is child-like, so when you say "I am sorry" your inner child understands the literal meaning of what you're saying.

... even if you consciously have a different frame-work in mind.

So by saying "I am sorry," your unconscious mind processes that.

... and it processes what you say the way the average 6-year-old would.

Unihipili really loves serving, and it follows the instructions you're giving.

So, think about it ...

... when you say "I am sorry," your eager little unihipili hears:

  • "I'm feeling sorrow."

  • "I'm feeling regret."

  • "I'm mournful."

  • "I'm sad."

  • "I'm inspiring sorrow, pity, scorn, or ridicule."

  • "I'm pitiful."
... and responds accordingly ... using all your memories, all your experiences, and everything you're learned about the word "sorry."

And, frankly ... from what I've seen ... that is exactly what the purveyors of that watered-down, revisionist, "Zero Limits" Ho'oponopono want you to believe.

I don't.

... I want you to know just how valuable you are!

So if you like something about the "four phrases" you might want to pick something better ... a word that empowers you instead.

What programming do you WANT your unconscious mind getting?

You choose.


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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