Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ho oponopono procedural question?

Hooponopono Manifesting Desires

--- LianaHeart wrote:

> Dear fellow members,
> I have the advanced DVDs and have a question:
> If I am wanting to have a new career after spending
> my whole life in nursing, which form of
> Ho'oponopono do I use? Also, the book says yo use
> exact wording but which exact wording?

Aloha Liana,

When you're targeting the "root cause" of your project, you want to use the wording that begins "What's the one issue ..."

... and you clean on THAT.

And you thereby get rid of whatever had you "stuck."

> Do I need to use something different for a new
> career, since it is not a person or place?

You do.

... remember, Ho'oponopono is only "part of the puzzle."

You're going to want to do a Ha Rite to get your new career going.

> Also, is there special wording to create something
> new instead of releasing something old?

Here's a simple format:

> I do not want to release the old one before I have
> a new one!!!

It's true ...

... but you DO want to release the "attachment" to the old one!

Does that make sense?

Keep studying!


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