Friday, September 28, 2007

Creating harmony with your purpose in life

Aloha y'all,

Many of the people who experience high levels of success in their careers say there is an alignment between what they do and who they are.

They manage to attain that "magical integration" of their purpose in life with what they do in their jobs.

... and that's one reason I posted the "Four Core Questions" on the Huna Ohana yesterday.

The search for your purpose is important ... but for many people, it's no easy task.

Many of us spend our lifetimes searching for our true purpose. We all seek meaning in life. Yet finding and easily living what that is can be elusive.

Look ... regardless of our spiritual or philosophical beliefs, most people agree that when we act in alignment with our values, strengths, and talents you have a sense of heightened energy and flow.

This brings us back to HARMONY.

... when your purpose is aligned with your vocation, you become more driven and motivated in your life.


For people to really excel in their work, they need more than just ambition. Satisfying goals, attaining numbers, receiving rewards and compensation, and attaining status is rarely enough.

You must be "connected" and totally in-harmony with tour core values and intrinsic motivators in order to be truly fulfilled.

We will go through all the tools you need to easily find your direction at the upcoming training.

"Know Thyself"

The mid-career phase may also be a time for a wise update to your self-knowledge.


In order to achieve alignment, integration, and harmony between who you are and what you do you need to have a solid grasp on what lies within.

As the inscription on the ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi says, "Know thyself."

For those of you ready for next month's Ho'oponopono Training ... be sure to honestly answer the "Four Core Questions" for yourself and send them to me privately so we can get you where you want to be ...

... living your life you love how you choose to live it ... in every aspect of life!

This is NOT some "one-size-fits-all" training ... we're keeping it down to a small group in an intimate setting, custom-made for you.

Insight into who you are and what you value can come from many sources.


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The 7 Principals to Ho'oponopono: Part 2

"The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono"

1. Pono Maopopo - Harmonious Perspective
2. Pono Mana'o - Harmonious Thinking
3. Pono 'Olelo - Harmonious Communication
4. Pono Hana - Harmonious Action
5. Pono Kahe'e - Harmonious Practice
6. Pono Ho'omana'o - Harmonious Observation
7. Pono Makia - Harmonious Collectedness

"Pono Mana'o"

Your mind works in images, thoughts, feelings, pictures, self-talk ... even tastes and smells.

If you consciously bring up a harmonious thoughts that bring you, you are training yourself to develop Pono Mana'o ... Harmonious Thinking.

By frequently thinking and pondering thoughts that bring up a feeling of peace, tranquility, happiness, joy, calmness, etc., you're strengthening this habit in your mind!

You can see, feel, hear the thoughts you revivify.

By doing so, you consciously replace un-harmonious thinking with other uplifting thoughts, you are purposefully feeling that harmonious, uplifting thought.

So ...

It is necessary to develop the skill of consciously bringing up tranquil, peaceful images in one form or another so happiness and joy will permeate all of your activities.

This builds "Pono Maopopo."

Any distraction that pulls your attention away from PONO should be let go ... and then by re-directing your mind back peaceful and tranquil scenes develops Harmonious Thinking.


Because those thoughts are perceived and acted upon in an impersonal way ... Harmonious Perspective.

In contrast ... thoughts of sadness, anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction, fear, criticism, pride,
worry, etc., causes you to want to control to fight with what you are perceiving.

That pulls you away from the present moment, and you're likely to start thinking of all of the reasons that you don't like what you're thinking about.

... and that puts you out-of-harmony with your present moment.

Any time you try to fight the the present moment, it causes DIS-HARMONY ...

... and it causes pain and suffering!

This is how the first two principles of Ho'oponopono work together.

"Pono Maopopo" is the perspective of everything that arises being an impersonal process to be observed.

When you're out-of-harmony with the present moment you're taking whatever arises personally, and that can create tension.

Any time you take a thought personally, you will try to control it, fight with it, and force it to be what it is not ... causing dis-harmony.

Instead ...

... gently relax and let go of that thought.

Gently replace it with a Harmonious Thinking.

Letting go of those things you take personally, and then relaxing and substituting them with uplifting thoughts leads you to a clearer perspective ...

... being in harmony with the present moment.

Pono Maopopo.


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The "Lost" teachings of Morrnah Simeona's Ho'oponopono on DVD

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Secrets of Covert Ho'oponopono from the Communication Masters

--- "lynn_elyse" wrote:

> > I was researching Ho'oponopono because often as
> > you might imagine, when dealing with high
> > emotions working with families, care providers,
> > government entities and the like, there are
> > frustrations and miscommunications that occur.
> > Also, within our own organization, frustrations
> > and misunderstandings occur at the different
> > levels.
> --- "Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD" wrote:
> Do you want them to learn?
> ... or do you want people to "get along" together?
> > ***I want to use the ideas without necessarily
> > talking about Huna, Hawaiians, Shamanism, or
> > anything that would red-flag a state organization
> > meeting. I want to use it for Interdisciplinary
> > Team meetings where tensions are high.***

Cool ...

... it's fully within your power to bring out the best behavior in people who are at their worst!

And you can learn to do it without triggering any "red flags."

Now ... I found a book about ten years ago that teaches the principles of of Ho'oponopono for the modern office environment.

... and everything's framed in terms of "interpersonal skills" so you can choose your wording and get the results you really want.

Realizing that changing oneself is more realistic than changing the behavior of others, the authors provide a variety of "communicative skills" you can use for turning conflict into cooperation.

Available from ... here's the link:\e=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0071379444

... check it out.

> Do you have any ideas for me, Vince? Any
> organizational Ho'op experiences you could share?

I think I posted on my work with U. S. Airways on the Huna Ohana group recently, but here's a simple mind-blowing technique that's also plenty of fun for everyone.

... if that's OK.

Simply walk into a group with your Joy Circuits fully activated, and pay attention to what happens.

It's especially effective after a passionate late-night "Ho'oponopono" session ;->

Have fun!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Lost and Secret Code of the Kahuna Morrnah Simeona

--- Begum wrote:

> Ho'oponopono in my own experience is very very
> powerful for cleaning and clearing blocks; but I
> also have learned that we have to "intention"
> for the Divine to install whatever it is for our
> highest good even though we can all argue that the
> Divine is all-knowing.
> Just my thoughts


... you mean "there's more?"

There is!

Like the proper roll of the Uhane and "intention."


"What's Uhane?"

"That's just the conscious, rational mind, right?"

Not even close!

... there's way more to it.

And that's just ONE of the "Master Keys" our Kumu Morrnah Simeona gave us in "The Esoteric Code of the Kahuna."

An Ancient Hawaiian saying ...

"A ohe pau ko ike i kou halau"

... meaning "Think not that all wisdom is in your school."

A fascinating story ...

"The House of Teave"

Long ago ... our brother King Kalakaua summoned all of the most accomplished Kahuna Class from throughout the islands to the palace.

High Temple Priests skilled in the arts of divination, philosophers, historians, doctors of spiritual medicine, etc.

The secret knowledge passed down orally in the priesthood through the generations was finally recorded in writing and locked away in the King's palace.

Then ...

On January 17, 1893 ... the day Kalakaua's sister, Queen Liliokalani was dethroned ... drug dealers and smugglers broke in to the palace and burned the former King's filing room.

All the documents were reduced to ashes.

Officially ... "no one knows" how the fire got started ... and it did NOT affect ANY other section of the palace.

Only Nana Mary Julia Glennie Bush survived to preserve the "secret treasure" of the Hamatua strong-hold.

So ...

... stay with me.

Because "we got it!"

And I give thanks to our Nana Mary for preserving this, our sacred treasure ...

I give thanks to Max Freedom Long for working diligently to unlock the "secret code" our Ancient Kahuna delivered to "the white man" for the purpose of preserving these "gems of poetical beauty" so that their esoteric significance could one day be revealed ...

I give thanks to Ta Ruahine ... for drawing our code in the rough sands by the sea, where the tides ebb and flow ...

I give thanks to Leinani Melville ... who alone preserved the Lost Secrets of the Kahuna he received from Nana Mary and Ta Ruahine ... for unveiling a part of "the mask" in his public writings ...

... and I thank Morrnah Simeona for delivering the only existing copy of the "Lost and Hidden Secrets of the Esoteric Code of the Kahuna" to the trusted "True Legacy of the Kahuna" ...

I give thanks to Dad for giving me a copy of that secret manuscript.

"Thank you!"

The Kahuna Motto:

"Conceal in Secrecy."

"Preserve in Silence."

"Disguise our Inner Teachings with a False Outer Mask."

"Those who are "born into our house" are entitled to know the secrets of our house."

"Those who do NOT belong are not entitled to know what we know."

And ...

... as it says "above the door" to "our house" ...

"Ahuwale Ka Nane Huna!" ...

"Let that which is unknown become known."

Because ... Many "new" exciting things will become known over the next couple of months.

And when the student is ready ...

... the teacher will appear before you.


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD