Friday, April 25, 2008

The Bowl of Light

This Ho'oponopono story first came to me Pali and Koko ...

"A Bowl of Perfect Light"

Each child born has at birth a Bowl of perfect Light.

If he tends his Light it will grow in strength and he can do all things ... swim with the shark, fly with the birds, know and understand all things.

If, however, he becomes envious or jealous he drops a stone into his Bowl of Light and some of the light goes out.

Light and the stone cannot hold the same space.

If he continues to put stones in the Bowl of Light, the Light will go out and he will become a stone. A stone does not grow, nor does it move.

If at any time, he tires of being a stone, all he needs to do is turn the bowl upside down and the stones will fall away and the Light will grow once more.

from Tales from the Night Rainbow by Pali Lee and Koko Willis


© 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Advanced Ho'oponopono

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Advanced Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono

This is your Once-In-A-Life-Time
opportunity for permanent peace-of-mind
especially in these Hectic and
"Fearful" times we're living in!
by James Mason
Dear Friend,
You will breathe a huge sigh of relief every day once you have learned these powerful secrets that combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge mind technology.
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If you're not ready to rid your life of negativity, stress, anxiety, guilt, frustration, and regret ... if you prefer to hold onto the attitudes and habits that hold you back from accomplishing everything you ever dreamed of ... then kindly pass this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on to someone else.
But ... if you crave a meaningful life, characterized by inner peace even in the midst of chaos ... free from the influence of negative people and the self-defeating fears that keep you from your true potential and ultimate success ... then please read on as I introduce you to a couple of amazing people whose work has quite literally changed my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of others.
Now ... I'm talking about Morrnah Simeona ... one of the pioneers who popularized Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono and passed the "Esoteric Code of the Kahuna" down to Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD … who has remained on the cutting edge of mind technology ever since.
I urge you to find out more details about the revolutionary new life-transforming experience Rev. Vince has created … but right now, I'd like to introduce you to the man who had such an effect on my destiny.
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Both Vince and I have come a long way since then!
In this ALL NEW training, Rev. Vince combines the ancient philosophy of Ho'oponopono (which he has studied for more than thirty years) with the latest in mind technology to create something entirely new and infinitely powerful.
This is the culmination of his life's message of liberation and joyful living, presented in a way that's fascinating and interactive ... and that penetrates deep into your subconscious for dramatic and lasting change.
Ho'oponopono is a philosophy and way of living that dates back thousands of years to Hawaii. Over the centuries, there have been Kahuna Masters with the rumored abilities of levitating their bodies and even walking through walls!
In other words ... a Kahuna mind-set has been known to alter the nature of reality!
And while it may take lifelong learning and discipline to accomplish such super natural feats, Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD has developed a unique intensive training course in Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono that will easily fit into a modern Western lifestyle.
It is based on a few basic but profound principles that will allow you to alter your own reality on a daily basis in all sorts of ways.
You may not be walking through walls ... but you will absolutely learn other ways of shaping your experience to fit your greatest dreams.
In this crazy world of ours, who wouldn't want to achieve a deep and permanent sense of inner peace?
Who wouldn't want to banish the limiting fears that hold so many of us back?
Who wouldn't want to know these powerful secrets for having any situation turn out to your advantage?
Master Vince has distilled thousands of
years of some of the world's most profound
teachings into this engaging and approachable program.
And best of all, he's packaged it with a system of learning that will actually help you program your mind into absorbing and applying this information immediately!


That's right ... the Ho'oponopono philosophy is the catalyst for this amazing change … but Master Vince will introduce you to a powerful method for immediately absorbing this information and applying it into your own life ... with tangible results in as little as a few days ... or even a few hours.
All you have to do is lay-back-and-watch the DVDs ... and the cutting-edge mind technology will do the rest … allowing you to re-script your life without getting up from your favorite chair ... or even while you're sleeping!
At the heart of this technique lies the theory of altered-state learning.
"Altered state" refers to the changing of the activity of your brain from being wide awake to the less-active state in which your subconscious is more accessible.
If your mind were a computer and your conscious mind were the processor, your subconscious mind would be the powerful software that programs your beliefs, your actions, and the way you react to the events in your life.
Master Vince will show you how to safely and quickly alter your own mind state to absorb the powerful Kahuna Ho'oponopono way of being -- or any information you choose -- up to 200 times more effectively than you normally could!
It's like rewriting the software that
controls what happens to you every day!
Listen up ...
After attending the Advanced Kahuna Ho'oponopono training I felt super-charged … for my own part there was so much Secret Knowledge presented that there was no way I could absorb even 3% of what the world's best had to offer.

I got a lot more information than I was prepared for at the time. I personally have spent years acquiring Kahuna Wisdom. Even so, the knowledge presented here astounded me.

If you were there ... you'd know how I felt.

Sometimes I was totally confused. I needed time to think and I needed time to absorb and I needed time to practice. My plate was overflowing with the abundance of wisdom and knowledge shared!

... if only I had a way to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n the "rapid fire" information in a way that I could easily think about it, I could easily process it and then I could easily start using those Kahuna Mind Control secrets in my own life.

That's why I bought these DVDs myself … right away!

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Merely by paying attention to this revolutionary training program, you can use the hidden power of your own mind to radically change the reality of your life. You will have everything you ever need to start and continue down this path for a life time of happiness and inner peace.
* No more "forcing yourself" to remember to act a certain way!
* No more "pretending" to feel something that you don't!
With altered-state learning, the lesson becomes a part of you ... and you will find it perfectly natural to behave in completely new and positive ways.
I'm so excited that I single-handedly begged and convinced Vince to present the following offer ... and he said "YES!!!"


Get the Advanced Ho'oponopono DVDs NOW ...
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· COME OUT ON TOP in any "confrontation."
· Detach yourself from all negativity ... enjoy a POSITIVE OUTLOOK in all situations.
· Never be manipulated by others again -- always be IN CONTROL of your life and resources.
· Rid yourself of unnecessary guilt, frustration, and regrets.
· COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE UP TO 200 TIMES FASTER than you ever thought was possible ... WITHOUT EFFORT!
Ho'oponopono is the ancient way of living that will change your modern life!
Ho'oponopono itself is not a religion, and it does not interfere with any religion. It is a way of living that is characterized by focus, inner peace, calmness, confidence, and detachment from negativity. For Kahuna Ho'oponopono Masters, this is a permanent stateeven in the midst of pain and chaos.
Image what life will be like for you to ...
Never be upset …
Never be held back by fear …
… and never be manipulated by the "selfish goals" of others!
For centuries, the Kahuna Masters have been the envy of the world ... and yet to achieve these same results would be "impossible" for someone not trained from a young age in the secrets of their way of life ... right?
Rev. Vince -- who was brought up in the Kahuna tradition quite literally from before birth -- is a world-renowned master healer, a leading authority on metaphysics, and a constant pioneer in the field of mind technology -- has created a training program that rapidly and easily introduces you to this ancient knowledge.
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Copyright © 2008 Huna Ohana 126 Camellia Dr. / Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 USA / 1-573-334-3478

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The 12 steps of Ho'oponopono

Advanced Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono
by Morrnah K. Simeona
© 1980 Huna Research, Inc.

The 12 steps of Morrnah Simeona's
"Self I-Dentity" Ho'oponopono

1. The Hook-Up

2. The Flow ... (you may use "For I am Peace")

3. Ha Breathing (7)

4. Pule (opening prayer "I am the 'I'")

5. Pono 'Olelo ... (or "repentance")

6. Ho'oponopono
a. Long Form
b. Short Form
c. Conception
d. mahiki

7. Release

8. Kala (cleansing)

9. Transmutation

10. Pule Pau (closing prayer "The Peace of 'I'")

11. Ha Breathing (7)

12. Acknowledgement

... so ask yourself "how" you can apply the 12 steps to your daily practice.

... More to come!

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Keep studying!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


Ho'oponopono: Ha Breathing for Self I-Dentity

Breathing (Ha)

Through a process of "Ha" or Divine Breath, one is prepared to do mediation, problem solving, counselling, healing, and self-introspection


With the tongue to the roof of the mouth, inhale cosmic energy, mand, divine energy for seven counts to energize every cell, tissue, blood vessel, muscle, bone, and atom of the whole body.

HOLD the breath for seven counts to allow the body to rest momentarily, thereby slowing down the metabolism and body chemistry to regenerate the cells, etc. and above all to prevent "shock" to the system while making the exchange with two powerful forces (inhalation and exhalation.)

EXHALE: Let out the breath, saying "Ha" as it leaves the body. Release of impurities, poisons, and blocks from the system for seven counts.

This is considered ONE ROUND.

The process takes seven rounds.

The process of Ha is a method of accumulating mana or Vital Energy.

Mana is sent to the unihipili/subconscious, where it is ether stored or utilized, depending upon the need at the moment. If healing is needed, then the unhane/conscious mind sends the request to the unihipili, who in turn creates the energy or mana and all the needed ingredients or colors, feelings, etc., and joins forces with the uhane and the Aumakua/super-conscious mind (who has access to all forces of the cosmos). The return flow of Energy or Mana ushers in the answer or result to the prayer or request.

From Morrnah Namalaku Simeona
Copyright 1980 Huna Research, Inc.

I am the "I"

I come forth from the void into light,
I am the breath that nurtures life,
I am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond all consciousness,
I am the "I," the Id, the All.
I draw my bow of rainbows across the waters,
The continuum of minds and matters.
I am the incoming and outgoing of breath,
The invisible, untouchable breeze,
The undefinable atom of creation.
I am the "I."

From Morrnah Namalaku Simeona
Copyright 1980 Huna Research, Inc.

The Peace of "I"

Closing Prayer

Peace be with you, all My peace,
The peace that is "I," the peace that is "I am,"
The peace for always, now and forever and evermore.
My peace "I" give to you, My peace "I" leave with you,
Not the worlds's peace, but, only My peace,
The peace of "I."

From Morrnah Namalaku Simeona

Copyright 1980 Huna Research, Inc.