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--- On Sat, 1/30/10, Amanda wrote:

> Dear Rev. Wingo,
> I am very interested in taking your email course, because I know
> that miracles are not only possible; they are not really miracles
> because everyone can learn use this power to affect change in their
> lives.

Mahalo Amanda!

> However, I spent $425 taking the Ho'oponopono weekend seminar (Nov
> 21 & 22) with Dr. Hew Len, only to find that if I wanted to have a
> specific question about the technique answered once the class was
> over, I would need to consult with a Ho'oponopono master for
> $300.


... or you could just go to and get your answer FREE ... like everything else you from that weekend.

I get emails from people like you almost every day, and I really can't believe how ridiculous things have gotten with the spread of this system of scientology that certain people are calling Ho'oponopono.

> I merely wanted to know if all twelve steps had to be repeated for
> each "issue", or if 6A (in Hew Len's manual)

... correction.

It's NOT Stan Hew Len's manual, it's really Morrnah's.

> could be repeated for each person/situation/challenge.

Go to the Ohana group and you'll get your questions answered thoroughly!

> I also found myself crying a great deal during the process, and
> didn't know if that is to be expected.

That can be a big part of the emotional releasing.

> Confusion was also a constant partner, though it generally only
> lasted for a brief period after each session.

That's done on purpose.

> I DO know that when I do my H'oponopono work in the morning, my day
> flows along beautifully. I have been a student of Energy work for
> many years, having studied Science of Mind, Neville, Dr. Eric
> Pearl, etc., and know that they are all valid.

Good ... you have a good background to evaluate what you're learning and add to it.

... it's usually the "newbies" who get caught-up by the "guru" system they're using.

> I like the approach of Ho'oponopono, "making right", because over
> the years I found myself "slipping back" into fear, and doubt,
> which, naturally brought to fruition the things I worried about.
> Now I understand that I have not been listening to my subconscious
> on a consistent basis, because, like most westerners (especially
> women) I was taught to trust in "them" instead of myself. " Them"
> being parents, teachers, church, etc., etc. etc. Now I stay in
> touch with the "literal" mind inside of me, and find insights
> flowing to me all the time.

It sounds like you've learned the most valuable lesson of all.

> I feel that I might be missing a piece of the puzzle, which is what
> has me interested in your course.


When you've found that "missing piece" you will notice that they took-it-out deliberately.

And Morrnah Simeona DID include the missing piece when she taught.

> I want to thank you so much for the information (somewhere on your
> site) regarding the "I'm sorry" process, since switching to "I
> apologize" feels much better to me.

Glad to help!

> So, that brings me to my question for you. If I were to sign up
> for your course, would I have personal access to ask you
> questions(via email, of course) that might come up as I went
> along?


... in fact, that's my life work.

Also, by joining the Ohana group you will have several Certified Practitioners and a couple thousand other really nice like-minded people helping you along.

> I would like to work with you in person, but it seems that the
> Missouri trip is out of the question at this time.

I understand totally!

> Another question: How can Dr. Len's manual be copyrighted, since
> it seems to have the exact wording as your Ho'oponopono manual?

The "newer" copyright they substitute for the original is just "smoke-and-mirrors "...

... like I have a copy of Moby Dick right here with a copyright of 2009.

How can that be?

Well the new copyright ONLY applies to the Introduction they put in this edition.

They put their copyright only in there so you will think their copyrght applies to the whole thing. Unfortunately that is don throughout the printing business.

Like I said, it is really Morrnah's manual, and it was produced for Huna Research, Inc.

> Something very fishy going on there. I feel a little let down by
> that group, in general, though I liked Dr. Len's energy.

I understand.

... and that's the important difference.

> Thanks for your time and consideration, and for all of the good
> that you do,

Heap Big Mahalo Amanda!

... and keep studying!


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