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Contact with your Higher Self

Losing Contact With Ariel, My High Self
Henry Krotoschin
Transcribed from
2004 Huna World Convention Lecture

The contact with the own high self is the first great, I would say. the first monumental aim of all people who deal earnestly with Huna. In more than two decades of my Huna experience I have learned that several people reach this contact quickly, other people need more time. A small number of these people had contact with their high self for a long time without knowing it. What Goethe says in Faust II about the angels is literally valid for the high selves: “We will redeem him, who ever tries hard and striving.” And the redemption is the contact with the high self, which Yeshua (Jesus) explains with his words: “You must be newly born,” which means that the contact with the high self is the spiritual new birth.

I want to ask all those who have tried hard for their contact with their high self, but without success, to have confidential trust: Whoever has begun, whoever has tried, striving to obtain the contact with his high self, will never be forsaken by his high self! The high self of every individual decides about the length of time which the future adept must apply in order to reach the contact with him. Thousands of my students have reached the contact with their high selves. But let us remember: Our lower self is the organ for the contact with the entire spiritual world and specially with our high self.

There are only a few Huna adepts who were joined with their high self for a long time but afterwards have lost this contact. Therefore, I have described in the following lecture the situation in which I have come by special circumstances of life by which I have lost the contact with my high self, “Ariel.” I feel obliged to report about this experience, for all those who have lost the contact with their high self and who, that way, came almost to despair.

The most important information which I can give you are reports from my own experience. These have the advantage that they are not constructed but lived to see. The problem is new for me and certainly not yet definitely finished. The topic seems also to be new; up till now I did not find it in the Huna literature.

Ariel is the name of my high self. Also the contact with George, my low self, was unsatisfactory.

How does the lack of contact with Ariel appear? Simply by the fact that the rain of blessing is missing after having tried to send mana to Ariel. But this is quite logical. If the mana production is interrupted, I cannot send mana to Ariel, nor can I have his “receipt,” the rain of blessing. Like everything with Huna, also this is logical and simple.

I became aware of the lack of the rain of blessing, when I had to overcome three operations during a short time. Although these did not need a complete narcosis, it was necessary to apply lumbar anesthesia with the other surgical narcotic applications.

During the three stays in hospital I asked my self several times: Why?

Two weeks later the complete contact with Ariel and George was reestablished. And promptly I received the reply to my question: I should experience and learn what I should communicate to you, dear friends, and to my students!

How is the breaking-off of a contact with Ariel and George possible? It is caused by the inability of George and the body to produce mana. George is not only the organ for the contact with spiritual entities, but he is also in cooperation with the middle self and the body the essential producer of mana. Therefore, he is an organ at least in double activity.

Let us remember the biochemistry of the mana-production. It is based on finest processes of the physiological chemistry, the digestion. For mana-production, the most important target of the digestion, is to make our food soluble in order to have it transported in this soluble form by the blood to the lung, where the contact with the oxygen of the breathing is possible. The finest ramifications of the lung are called alveoli. In these, by oxidation of the dissolved nutrients, this strange energy mana is produced and released. It is now the lower self who skims off this finest form of energy mana which has just been produced and who stores it in the solar plexus.

Our food consists of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Carbohydrates are easily converted into grape sugar; we know it is a practical nutrient which strengthens immediately after having it taken in, because it is easily soluble.

Proteins are converted by enzymes, for instance trypsin, to soluble amino acids.
Fat is converted to soluble glycerin and fatty acids by a process called fat-splitting. These end-products are reabsorbed through the gastric skins and are transferred into the blood. This way not only the muscles, but also the brain is fed.

The above description supports the imagination of a transformation of nutrients into spiritual powers, in our case, mana. Let us remember that mana can exclusively be produced by the living man and that all spiritual entities, specially the high selves, are delighted to receive mana, because this energy, transformed by them to mana-loa, can be made efficient on the physical plane and this specially with regard to healing.

We see that the finest structures of processes are performed, mainly by the activity of our low self. I am convinced that the production of mana by the contact of the dissolved nutrients in the blood with oxygen of the inhaled air in the alveoli is one of the most subtle processes we can imagine and which are governed masterly by our low self!

I feel that these most frail processes can be hindered by pains and also by pain-killers. It seems clear that a full narcosis in this concern can also have the worst effect, also as an after effect. But also a lumbar anaesthesia or pain-killers in general can probably have this negative effect. That also pains alone do hinder and produce a blockage seems proved to me.

The end of the contact caused by lack of mana does not only concern George, Ariel, and all other high selves, but also all other spiritual entities and above all Ha Shem, our God. Let us remember that for lack of contact with the high self of the patient healing is not possible for a healer in the state described above.

The headline of our lecture: “Losing Contact With Ariel” seems to be extremely discouraging. In reality it is not. When I felt better, my high self informed me very kindly that during my illness he and all other spiritual beings were completely and permanently present and I have the feeling that they helped intensely my lower self George, my middle self Henry, and my body, Augustus. Nevertheless I found out that during the illness the middle self was not able to feel this help. I put the question: Is it possible in case of illness to avoid the end of the contact with the lower and the high self? Are there medicines, specially pain-killers which do not hinder the contact with the spiritual world? What effect in this regard have homoeopathic remedies? Plant extracts? Bach Flowers? Ayurveda preparations? Can yoga help? Is it actually possible that a patient in hospital as described above can practice yoga? Are there other suitable natural healing methods? Most natural remedies have the disadvantage of slow effect. The patient suffering by pains in his helplessness will probably prefer allopathy with fast effect. Allopathy probably not only prevents the production of mana, but also the transport of mana to the high self in case that really small quantities should have been produced.

Let us not be concerned about my headline, “Losing Contact With Ariel.” I had mentioned before that the middle self has difficulties to recognize the correlations with regard to the lower, the middle, and the high self. Therefore, the headline, seeming negative, only represents what the middle self feels. The lower self will never feel or say: “Losing contact with Ariel.” Because the lower self is completely certain that it is definitely connected with his high self via the aka-cable. I talk about a cable, not of the aka-cord, for the connection between the lower and the high self is certainly the most firm which one can imagine. Furthermore let us remember that these significations, starting with the aka-fathom are understood symbolically. That means: even when the middle self feels completely hopeless and forsaken, the connection between the low and the high self remains in all perfection. And the middle self has clearly the profit of this connection, because now in fact it is not connected with the high self, but with the lower self in a very intensive way. According to his character the middle self should imagine this connection in a purely logical way, as it corresponds to his being and should accept consolation from this intellectual structure of thoughts.

I attach great importance to intensive discussions after the monthly meetings of our Huna-Group in Z├╝rich. My lecture, “Losing Contact With Ariel,” brought interesting discussions. I will specially mention two of them.

One of my lady-listeners, let us call her Alice, protested vigorously against my conviction that my ability to meditate and to pray would be considerably reduced by the results of an operation. Our friend Alice was in hospital and after her operation she felt completely in best form and she could pray and meditate to her full satisfaction. The explanation is simple: The operation was a cosmetic correction at the body. The knife of the surgeon touched only the tender parts of the body; no organs, no joints no bones were concerned. On the contrary, the surgeon took greatest care not to touch these parts in any way. Therefore, the anaesthesia was limited to a minimum and was easy to be supported. Its effect, as I heard, was very short, that means mainly during the operation and a little only afterwards. Therefore, Alice’s operation is a classic example for such surgical operations which have almost no negative spiritual effect.

A completely different experience was brought by Robert. Robert is a homeopath with much practical experience. His patient, heavily suffering from cancer, had just pulled out of his arm all the needles by which his veins should be supported from the bottle above his body. He had the right feeling that the dropping liquid stunned him so much that he was no more able to talk to his relatives. Robert treated this patient after his methods with homeopathic medicines. The patient could take his leave from his relatives in full consciousness and he left them peacefully.

My dear friends, I ask you urgently to let me have your own experiences about the above phenomena and to discuss them. By far, this topic is not yet closed.

© 2004 by Henry Krotoschin

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