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Ho'oponopono cleaning with a pencil eraser

--- On Mon, 3/30/09, Bruce wrote:

> I downloaded the manual from your recent email and you had this to say
> about Hew Len on page 4:
> > Getting to the REAL ISSUE.
> >
> > Dr. Stan Hew Len of “Zero Limits” insists that you
> > “clean incessantly” … but new research in the past
> > eight years revealed that constantly repeating the
> > “four phrases” produced negative programming in your
> > unconscious mind.

> The reason I asking this specific section is that I have been practicing
> Ho'oponopono daily for the last five years and in the last year my
> website sales stalled, and I very nearly lost my best friend and my wife
> of 25 years. My companion and friend, BriarRose died last month of some
> lung-related ailment and he was only seven years old. His vet bills have
> cost us over $12,000. I have also been diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism
> and hypo-gonadism. All of my friendships and relationships have suffered
> due to my lack of energy, irritability and mood swings. I continue to
> cleanse daily but, I want to know what else I can do to help me through
> these difficult and trying times.
> so, is there some truth to this "negative programming" in my
> unconscious from attempting to incessantly cleanse?

You think?

> And that is what is causing my current negative experiences or is there
> some other answer? Please help me.

Teqhniques are tools ...

... and there's only so much you can do with the hooponopono cleaning tools of recent popularity ... there's only so much you can accomplish ho'oponopono cleaning with a pencil eraser.

You really need a more complete "toolbox."

It's pretty unlikely the negative programming is the only cause, but the Advanced Ho'oponopono program goes in to how you can pin-point, isolate, the true cause ... breaking up before replacing it with the positive programming that supports your continuing spiritual evolution.

Now, before starting something new, be sure to do the simple cord-cutting exercise in the free article at http://huna.blogspot.com/2006/07/restoring-energy-of-youth.html on Restoring the Energy of Youth.

... and keep studying!


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