Thursday, July 17, 2008

Re: Advanced Ho oponopono

--- Tom Wakefield wrote:

> Vince
> Whats the main difference between the
> hooponopono set that I bought and the advance set.

Aloha Tom,

The Advanced set is from a class I put together for my students in October. It integrates many concepts from the DVDs you have and adds some more advanced techniques from Ho'oponopono. The primary focus is on how to recognize when you're out-of-balance and how to live in pono.

They're probably too advanced for most people ... especially if they're new or if they learned Ho'oponopono from Joe Vitale or Stan Hew Len.

But ... if you've been a member of the Huna Ohana for a year or so ... or if you already have the Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power DVDs, then you can really benefit from the Advanced Ho'oponopono DVDs.

Hope this helps.

Keep studying!


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