Friday, September 14, 2007

Secrets of Covert Ho'oponopono from the Communication Masters

--- "lynn_elyse" wrote:

> > I was researching Ho'oponopono because often as
> > you might imagine, when dealing with high
> > emotions working with families, care providers,
> > government entities and the like, there are
> > frustrations and miscommunications that occur.
> > Also, within our own organization, frustrations
> > and misunderstandings occur at the different
> > levels.
> --- "Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD" wrote:
> Do you want them to learn?
> ... or do you want people to "get along" together?
> > ***I want to use the ideas without necessarily
> > talking about Huna, Hawaiians, Shamanism, or
> > anything that would red-flag a state organization
> > meeting. I want to use it for Interdisciplinary
> > Team meetings where tensions are high.***

Cool ...

... it's fully within your power to bring out the best behavior in people who are at their worst!

And you can learn to do it without triggering any "red flags."

Now ... I found a book about ten years ago that teaches the principles of of Ho'oponopono for the modern office environment.

... and everything's framed in terms of "interpersonal skills" so you can choose your wording and get the results you really want.

Realizing that changing oneself is more realistic than changing the behavior of others, the authors provide a variety of "communicative skills" you can use for turning conflict into cooperation.

Available from ... here's the link:\e=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0071379444

... check it out.

> Do you have any ideas for me, Vince? Any
> organizational Ho'op experiences you could share?

I think I posted on my work with U. S. Airways on the Huna Ohana group recently, but here's a simple mind-blowing technique that's also plenty of fun for everyone.

... if that's OK.

Simply walk into a group with your Joy Circuits fully activated, and pay attention to what happens.

It's especially effective after a passionate late-night "Ho'oponopono" session ;->

Have fun!


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