Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The 7 Principals to Ho'oponopono: Part 2

"The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono"

1. Pono Maopopo - Harmonious Perspective
2. Pono Mana'o - Harmonious Thinking
3. Pono 'Olelo - Harmonious Communication
4. Pono Hana - Harmonious Action
5. Pono Kahe'e - Harmonious Practice
6. Pono Ho'omana'o - Harmonious Observation
7. Pono Makia - Harmonious Collectedness

"Pono Mana'o"

Your mind works in images, thoughts, feelings, pictures, self-talk ... even tastes and smells.

If you consciously bring up a harmonious thoughts that bring you, you are training yourself to develop Pono Mana'o ... Harmonious Thinking.

By frequently thinking and pondering thoughts that bring up a feeling of peace, tranquility, happiness, joy, calmness, etc., you're strengthening this habit in your mind!

You can see, feel, hear the thoughts you revivify.

By doing so, you consciously replace un-harmonious thinking with other uplifting thoughts, you are purposefully feeling that harmonious, uplifting thought.

So ...

It is necessary to develop the skill of consciously bringing up tranquil, peaceful images in one form or another so happiness and joy will permeate all of your activities.

This builds "Pono Maopopo."

Any distraction that pulls your attention away from PONO should be let go ... and then by re-directing your mind back peaceful and tranquil scenes develops Harmonious Thinking.


Because those thoughts are perceived and acted upon in an impersonal way ... Harmonious Perspective.

In contrast ... thoughts of sadness, anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction, fear, criticism, pride,
worry, etc., causes you to want to control to fight with what you are perceiving.

That pulls you away from the present moment, and you're likely to start thinking of all of the reasons that you don't like what you're thinking about.

... and that puts you out-of-harmony with your present moment.

Any time you try to fight the the present moment, it causes DIS-HARMONY ...

... and it causes pain and suffering!

This is how the first two principles of Ho'oponopono work together.

"Pono Maopopo" is the perspective of everything that arises being an impersonal process to be observed.

When you're out-of-harmony with the present moment you're taking whatever arises personally, and that can create tension.

Any time you take a thought personally, you will try to control it, fight with it, and force it to be what it is not ... causing dis-harmony.

Instead ...

... gently relax and let go of that thought.

Gently replace it with a Harmonious Thinking.

Letting go of those things you take personally, and then relaxing and substituting them with uplifting thoughts leads you to a clearer perspective ...

... being in harmony with the present moment.

Pono Maopopo.


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. Your words gave me the inspiration that I needed at this moment to uplift my spirit beyond the 'illusion' of my personal problems.