Monday, September 11, 2006

Huna Healers providing daily group Ho'oponopono since 1948!

A Network of Healing Energy
is Embracing the Planet Daily

"Restoring the Balance" by working together!

The TMHG altar above was established ... not just as the "focal point" ... but it is consecrated to act as a vortex into which healing energy from around the world is "poured-in" daily from the senders and then radiated out to the receivers.

The little ring of figures represents the inter-connectedness of us all, and it is the lava stone and it's counterparts on the "higher planes" which affects the distribution of vital force.

We are all connected.

Go back and read "Huna Psychology" about the aka connection.

Now ... healing energy (mana) is sent every hour on the hour, because you might say "the light glows upon the altar without ceasing" ... even though I have previously officiated over the TMHG only at 9pm central daily.

It is radiating at all times.

Now ... because we have so many Huna Ohana members from EVERY TIME ZONE on the planet ... I am personally officiating at 9am and 9pm daily to ensure there is a more thorough and effective distribution of healing energy TWICE DAILY.

Read the Basic "How-To" Article at:

The Healing Energy is Balancing and Benevolent.

You can be sure that the ENERGY IS BENEVOLENT because it is FILTERED ... and there are only THREE GRAND MASTERS who know how to do the filtering, and ONLY a Grand Master may officiate the TMHG sessions.

Max used HIS BODY as the focal point for the TMHG!!! ... and he didn't filter the energy.

That's why I emphasize for TMHG participants who do sending to send MANA ONLY!

Max Freedom Long literally gave his life to heal people.

But NOW we have a blessed stone from the Kame'ekua Ohana as the focal point and three Grand Masters who know how to filter the energy properly and set-up the appropriate energy forms so the altar radiates mana like it's supposed to.

... like a daily world-wide Ho'oponopno session.


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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