Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"WELCOME" ... Introducing your New Ho'oponopono Blog



... and welcome to Ho-oponopono!

This new web page is dedicated to Ho'oponopono ... restoring "balance" to your life!

This is simply a "starter page" right now ... but it is something we can "build on!"

We'll be covering every aspect of Ho'oponopono ...

  • How to know "when you need it!"
  • the "pop" Sacred History ... and the "secret history."
  • the Traditional Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Ceremony.
  • Modern techniques for restoring your "personal equilibrium" & get you living life in peaceful bliss!
  • The many "schools" of Ho'oponopono.

.. and your suggestions are strongly encouraged.

So ...

... I "got the ball rolling" by posting the "quick process" given to my 'Ohana 26 year ago by Morrnah N. Simeona after a lifetime of practice and fine-tuning.

This is also the ceremony she taught to and performed at The United Nations many times.



© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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PS - Be looking for reports on Doc's latest discovery ...

... the totally NEW system of "covert Ho'oponopono" ... for the first time
combining Huna, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology that ... like "jealous rage" and anger ... "instantly!"