Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ho'oponopono Release

Releasing Aka Cords
by Vilik

A while back, during a list discussion of cutting aka cords, I said I was experimenting with a different method of releasing cords that I was "making up".

Vince suggested I give it a try and report back.

Soooo....here I am, report in hand!

I get such benefit from working with this aka cord release. It has evolved and I'm sure will keep evolving, but I feel confident enough of it now to share it.

First of all, in case anyone is new to this, aka cords are threads, filaments or cords of our own energy, which we automatically send out and "attach" to
everything. But those attachments can drain us. So the recommendation is to cut them. But I didn't like the idea of cutting a part of myself. Following are the steps of a release which, in the main, doesn't use cutting.

Aka Cord Release

1. I see the person sitting across a small field from me.

2. I surround myself with white light, to cleanse the energy as it flows back to me.

3. I imagine drawing my own aka cords back into my body, through the white light.

4. I imagine releasing the other person's cords from me, and see them snap back to the person like a retractable pet leash.

5. I go back and forth between 3 and 4 until it "feels right."

6. I take an imaginary sword and swish it all around myself, cutting any threads that are remaining.

7. I imagine a supple shining golden line, a little bigger than a thread but smaller than a cord, going from my heart to the heart of the other person. I
say and feel, "I love, thank and respect you." If I feel this line really connect, I know the other work "took".

8. I imagine that same energy coming back from the highest self of the other person.

9. I imagine us bowing to each other.

10. I release the person, often seeing them go up in a balloon into the light.

Several things happen in this release for me, besides separating energy.

One is that I "take back my power". Another is that I see what's been going on in the relationship or connection. And that's pretty fascinating. Often
the connection is not what I thought it would be, and the way the release happens isn't either.

I've played around with this, going back to release ex's, etc. I find the most energy in current situations. And I find that my relationship to each person changes as I do the release with them, sometimes doing it more than once.

It can take time...it isn't always or even often a quickie. For me, the sensations as I release are very pleasant. I often do it lying in bed, and I can feel
my body relax deeply as the release "takes."

I thought I'd give a couple examples of releases I just did.

The first was with a friend who sent me an email with a "zinger" in it. My feelings were hurt, and none of the options of response I could think of felt right.
So I went through the release steps, and I was surprised to see that my own aka cord connect was huge...so huge I couldn't seem to pull it back.

I pictured angels, faeries, "helpers", helping me get the energy back and then binding a shining "bandage" around my solar plexus, to keep it in my body until it integrated into my energy system again.

After the release, I was able to respond to her email in a different way than I could even have imagined before the release.

Another release was with a co-worker, who's been going through a hard time and "complaining" a lot. At first I imagined how I could positively deal with her energy...and then I realized I was trying to find a way to deal with the problem, rather than just getting rid of the problem.

So I did the cord release; then I remembered times she had been in a more positive mood and held that image strongly in my mind, until that became the way I "saw" her again. When our paths next crossed at work, she was in a light good mood, just as I had pictured her.

The more I do this, the more I CAN do this. Which is to say, if you feel awkward, or that you can't really "see" anything, it's just a learning curve. Keep at
it. Use your imagination. Let "variations on the theme" evolve that are personal and right for you.

I hope you find this useful!



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