Wednesday, May 05, 2010

3 warning signs of the "poverty mentality"

Aloha y'all,

When was the last time you gave any serious thought to your priorities, and where you're expending your energy?

Can you say with certainty that you're completely focused on abundance?

... or are you focused on "lack?"

Look ...

For "most" people, priorities are the result of very subtle and unconscious programming that affects how you approach just about everything in life.

And, instead of being programmed for achieving success, most people are programmed to avoid failure.

Think about it.

What you learned about prosperity, affluence, finances, and personal values before you were 7-years-old may be affecting how you habitually respond countless situations every single day.

It's simple ...

... the way you react to everyday situations actually reveals what your programming really is.

So pay attention and "know thyself."

Prosperity or Poverty?

You choose.

There are many different warning signs all around us that people are generally suffering from unconscious programming ... the "poverty mentality" ... but NONE of these "red flags" are any use until you open your eyes and start looking for them.

Your unihipili is constantly communicating to your through signs and symbols whaich, like the posted traffic signs, markings, and traffic lights are there for your benefit.

By understanding their message, you are going to be raising your "self-knowledge" ... your awareness of your "programming."

Three of the most common "warning signs" experts see are:
  • Money Fixation
  • Fear-Based Decision Making
  • "Rich People are Greedy"
Have you ever been constantly fixated on money and money issues?

Notice the quality of thoughts you'd think about money ...

... and when or how regularly you might think about it. Have you ever been concerned about how much you lack, or how much you can get?

Have you ever really thought about why you wanted to manifest money to begin with?
Your thoughts affect your perception ... ... and your perception affects your behavior.

Most "poor" people spend every waking hour thinking about money ... or more specifically, their lack of it.

What you focus your attention on becomes bigger in your mind.

So that leads to the spiraling behavioral pattern of "Fear-Based Decision Making."
"I understand totally!"

When I was younger and "broke" that's exactly what I did.

I was always fixated on money ... and only thought about the many things I didn't have and couldn't get ... to the point where I was jealous of the people who did have them.

"Warning Sign" #2 ... "I Hate Rich People!"

Being jealous of everything other people have does NOT help your situation in any way ... and jealousy eventually leads to hate.

You hear it all over the media!

Do you hate rich people?

... c'mon ... be honest.
  • Do you believe all "rich people" are "greedy" and "shallow" and they can't possibly deserve it?
  • Do you really think people can only get rich by "taking advantage" of others?
  • Do you think all rich people are "miserly" and "selfish," or that money is their "god?"
  • Do you think rich people don't really care about the "poor" or "less fortunate?"
  • Do you believe that "deep-down-inside" rich people aren't really happy anyway?
And do you want to be rich?


Our beliefs about money drive ALL of our financial behaviors, and ... in today's world ... everything is pretty-much a financial behavior because we generally don't grow our own food (or even cook it), we don't make our own clothes or build our own huts or so-on-and-so-on.

Got it?

So your beliefs about money affect pretty much everything.

If you hate rich people because they have more money, how much more money is your "inner child" going to feel good about making?

You see ... most "rich people" ... or, more likely, most people you believe to be rich have probably earned it one-way-or-another.

If you ass-u-me otherwise, that's what you're assuming about yourself if you begin making more money!

... on some unconscious level.

"Hating the rich" sets-the-stage for a whole pile of internal conflicts you might not even have been aware of ...

... up until now!

And most people have no idea that was going on.

They end up struggling for success, only to sabotage themselves every time they have any true opportunity!

Sound familiar?

I used to get very close, but I'd always "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

Guess what ...

... I was actually programmed-for-poverty.

So I changed my beliefs about people who have achieved great success in life, and suddenly they became potential resources for me.

Hey .. if they can do it, so can I ...

... and they can probably teach me a-thing-or-two!

So you CAN choose to change "little pieces" of your unconscious programming and discover how easily it will make major changes in your life.

You choose!


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© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


Dela said...

Hello! I'm wondering why Vince has a "vow of poverty" and what that really means. I am trying to put that together with this post on "poverty mentality" too. Vince, will you help me understand this?
Thank you! Dela

Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD said...

Ironic, is it not?

I've personally raised more than a million dollars for the Huna Research Associates, but I've never personally made more than minimum wage.


It's a simple matter of honor.

Because I was literally raised in Huna from before I was born, all of my success is due to my Father, the Elders who raised me, and the blessings of God.

My personal way of honoring that is providing all the benefits of my Huna practice to Huna.

The legal term for it is a "vow of perpetual poverty" ... probably a Roman concept.

A more accurate term would be ...

"Vow of Charity"

... because it's really about giving!

The IRS sees everything differently, so historically a person who has been initiated into a Religious Order may take a vow of poverty.

The vow of poverty doesn't mean being poor, but rather we simply do not own anything. We who embrace a "vow of poverty" do not have private ownership of any possessions. Everything we have is used for the common good of the Religious Order.

After my son was born I was released from the vow because I needed to earn money for my family. Then I again signed my vow a couple of years ago.

My ultimate goal and the purpose of my vow is to focus myself entirely on performing my services and duties required by my ordination and elected position.

It's obviously not easy, but the rewards are immeasurable!

I Ke La'a Kea!