Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to Send Healing Energy to a Sick Person

Re: World Wide Healing Network

--- On Mon, 7/13/09, kevin wrote:

> Vince,
> I would like for all his tumors/lesions in both the brain and
> lung to be gone and for him to have a complete remission of the
> cancer. I would also like his overall stamina to return. I
> can't guarantee that he's going to "tune in" every night (I'm the
> weirdo of the family that's into the metaphysical stuff) so do
> what you can.

Aloha Kevin,

We might want to keep him out of it ...

... because, if he's experiencing doubt, it will "jam" the mana.

So you want to work Aumakua-to-Aumakua ...

... again, because your Aumakua always loves you.

> I will send you a Paypal contribution tonight, because it's
> difficult for me to do at work.

Not an issue.

> It might be a few weeks before I can give a progress report. The
> doctors usually wait a few weeks before doing another scan
> because it takes awhile for the radiation and chemo to work.


Here's what to focus on:

We get awesome results by focusing on the TEST ... because they're specific, measurable events in you future.

So we future-pace to that time in the future when the excited doctors give you the surprising results ...

"complete remission"

Notice how you're feeling when you hear that, and notice what others are saying.

Use that.

And enjoy!


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