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Ho'oponopono Prayer and Mantra

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> thank you for sending me the password, I printed out the manual and am
> looking forward to studying it. Rev. Vince, now what I would like to
> have are the exact words of the prayer, I remember them to be: I am
> sorry, I forgive you, I thank you, I love you.

That's not "the prayer" ... that is a mantra ...

... and it is important to point-out that saying "I'm sorry" actually creates guilt in most people ... making things worse!

The preferred translation of the Hawaiian is, "I apologize."

So you might want to use that instead.

And use what works best for you!

> Are there also the words after I love you: Please forgive me? I
> "please forgive me" part of the series of words that I need to say
> when I am noticing that I am not in a loving state?

Again, my focus is on what works, improving on what works, and making things BETTER ... if that's OK.

Now ... when you start "noticing" that you're not in a loving state, I recommend using the Hawaiian ...

... because there are always at least seven levels of meaning and a "harmonic resonance" to the words that will accelerate your return to your true self ... that place of unconditional love.

Hawaiian Words:

  • A-LO-HA
  • ALO-HA
Each syllable is a sacred sound with its own resonance, and it’s own esoteric meaning.


“Ahhhhh” is the sound of appreciation.

Relax in the peace of I’o in the sound of “ahhhhh.”

It means “the radiation of Mana Loa in the multi-dimensional universe.”

Say “ahhhhhhh,” … and you have called upon your Aumakua for healing.

ALO refers to I’o’s presence with you. … or absolute unconditional love.

HA means breath.

So ONE meaning of ALOHA is “the Divine breath is with us now.”


So many “definitions” in Hawaiian … so many multi-level meanings!

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Mercy
  • Sympathy
  • Caring
  • Affection
  • To regard with affection
  • To desire

The only word in the English language that fully expresses the meaning of Aloha is “meow”
-- Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


Adding ai gives the meaning of “consumed with Divine Love” or “an all-consuming love.”

ALOHA … when used as a greeting … opens-up and raises your vibrations to manifest energy and healing.

Hawaiian Words:


The Kahuna must know what harmony and unity is … within himself, with the Divine, and with all mankind.

You must live by the “secret meaning” of Aloha.*

A - ALA - Watchful Alertness. Expanded Awareness.

L - LOKAHI - Working with and in Unity. Equality.

O - OIAIO - Truth. Honesty. Being Authentic to yourself and responsible TO others.

H - HAA-HAA - Humility. The multiple, repeated root Ha refers to you as a spirit having a human experience.

A - AHONUI - Fortitude. Patient perseverance.

* Based upon and expanded from The Kahuna Religion of Hawaii by David Bray and Douglas Low

> Thank you for your help. I went to a celebration of a Hawaiian Ho'...last nite
> and I remember sorry,forgive,thankyou, love but someone else said at the
> end we need to say please forgive me.

I guess you would need to ask forgiveness after doing that!

... think of it as self-initiation energy healing!

Keep studying!

... and discovering what really works for you!


© 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


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