Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hooponopono Workshop

--- Jpatten wrote:

> I think hooponopono is probably one of the most
> unbelievable spiritual things I have heard about.
> Even though it doesn't make sense to most of us,
> it works./ It is truly agift from the spirit of the
> living God and I feel that since gifts are freely
> given, they should be given freely to all.

Aloha Jim,

Seriously ... how much did you pay for the Free Ho'oponopono Manual you downloaded? ;->

I appreciate your question because I've struggled with this issue my whole life.

My formal training began at age 4.

> Much of the info regarding hoponopono seems to come
> with a price......why?

We're making plenty of FREE stuff available on-line, even though ... when it comes to books, trainings, videos, etc., there are lots of production costs involved.

A friend of mine is a professor of Economics at the local University, and after asking him to do the research, he estimated that ... in today's economic terms ... the traditional apprenticeship system of old Hawaii would cost us over $250,000 in today's market.

Yes, I was shocked too!

Personally, I took a vow-of-poverty when I was ordained, so I don't even own property.

Still, our "church" ... that's the government's legal term, so that's just that ... and my charitable foundation have bills to pay.

I offered Union Electric my sincere appreciation ... but they demanded money! :-)

So I spend several hours a day on-line posting articles, answering questions, and coaching.

The Ohana sells products to pay the bills ... there are no paid employees because it's all done by volunteers.

I guess one option would be to create a Ho'oponopono Foundation, letting folks donate funds to make everything available free-of-charge to everyone who needs it.

Let me know if any of you have any expertise in this area ... because just keeping an Internet connection and maintaining web pages costs hundreds of dollars every month!

Another thing ... email programs limit the number of messages you can send, so I got a bulk-mailer service last year that let's us send to everyone in our address book at once.

That alone costs about $100/month.

If there are better ways, I'd love to keep learning more!

I'm pretty sure that with the combined talents of everyone on the groups and blogs, we can come up with a solution that is the best for all concerned.

I don't want to get lumped-together with Joe Vitale! ... I'd love to produce free ho'oponopono weekend workshops.

So I appreciate your input!

Thank you!


© 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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