Thursday, October 25, 2007

Huna or Ho'oponopono

--- Lisa wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new here and I am trying to understand
> everything. I found my way here through an article
> about Ho'oponopono. Now what I would like to know is
> is Ho'oponopono part of Huna?

It is.

Hooponopono is one technique for creating balance in your life or resolving conflicts based on the Huna theory of the relationships between the "three selves."

The three selves of Huna, as Morrnah Simeona uses them in Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono are:

  • unihipili
  • uhane
  • aumakua

... and it is the relationship of your three selves with your Creator that she refers to as your "self I-Dentity."

> or are they two distinct things?

Ho'oponopono is a verb, referring to the Kala process, and Huna is a noun, referring to the metaphysical theory.

According to founder Morrnah Simeona, they are INSEPARABLE.

> I hope this question isn't too silly.

Not at all ...

... there is a small group of zealots out there, especially on-line, who learned about Ho'oponopono from the Urban Legend going around the Internet over the past couple of years.

> I have read a little bit about both and some of it
> is the same, but different...
> Thanks for your help.

One's a Noun and the other is a Verb.

If you want to get the truth about Ho'oponopono, get it from THE SOURCE ...

... and you might be surprised!

You really can't learn Ho'oponopono without learning
... and vice versa.

So keep studying!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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